Mood Establishment In Scenes

Cruncher and Defarge

Work Time

In this story of two cities, these chapters begin to draw clear parallels between London and Paris, especially in the two men: Monsieur Defarge and Jerry Cruncher. These two men are workingmen, and looking at the ways that they are related can help you think about Dickens’s interest in writing about the history of France. Join a partner as directed and do the following.

  • With your partner, look at the chart for comparing these two men.
  • Gather at least one quote from each man in response to each of the following:
    • How do they make money?
    • What is their relationship to laws and the authorities?
    • What secrets do they have?
    • What are their marriages like?
    • How much power does each have?
    • How do the processions that they witness in these chapters compare?

Once you have completed your work together, your teacher will guide you through an analysis of the parallels between the characters.