Fair & Just Discussion

Fair & Just Discussion

Miranda Rights and Darnay's Arrest


Begin by discussing the following with your class.

  • What are Miranda Rights?
  • What rights do American citizens have during arrests and trials?
  • What are the circumstances of Darnay’s arrest? Does he have any of the rights that an American today could expect?

Darnay in Prison

Work Time

Join a partner as directed and do the following.

  • Read and annotate the designated passages, stopping after every two or three sentences to check in with each other for understanding.
  • Note new vocabulary words.
  • Find and underline words that suggest a symbolic or metaphoric meaning for the prison. For example, if the prison is compared to a belly, then the metaphor might be that Darnay felt as though he had been eaten, maybe by a monster.

Darnay in Prison Discussion

Work Time

Rejoin the whole class and do the following.

  • Share your observations about the descriptions of Darnay in prison.
  • Explore possible meanings for the metaphorical and symbolic language.
  • Discuss the parallels between Darnay’s imprisonment and what you know about Doctor Manette’s imprisonment.

The Grindstone

Work Time

As you have done with the prison descriptions, look closely at the description of the grindstone.

  • Read and annotate, stopping after every two or three sentences to check for understanding.
  • Note new vocabulary words.
  • Underline, or mark in a way that you prefer, the language that suggests something symbolic or metaphorical.

When you have completed the reading and annotating, discuss with the whole class the language of the grindstone descriptions, exploring what Dickens wants the reader to think about the Revolution.

You Have A Choice

First, determine how you will approach the work. You can choose to work independently; work with a partner; work with a group; or confer with the teacher.

Manette's Efforts Quick Write


In a Quick Write, do the following.

  • Predict how you think the Revolutionaries will respond to Doctor Manette’s efforts to save Darnay.

Open Notebook

Book III, Chapters 3, 4, and 5


Homework Book III, Chapters 3, 4, and 5

  • Read Book III, Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of A Tale of Two Cities and annotate for key ideas, personal reactions, questions, and vocabulary.