Final Impressions

A Scene From the Novel

Work Time

With the same partner that you worked with earlier, turn to the confrontation between Miss Pross and Madame Defarge, starting with, “The basin fell to the ground …” and ending with, “blinded with smoke.”

Imagine that you and your partner will direct the scene for a film. Make sure that you understand the plot, then collaboratively decide and jot down your ideas for the following.

  • What sort of music would you play? Exciting? Comic? Scary?
  • How would you convey the misunderstanding between the two women? Would you use voice-overs? Subtitles? Speaking?
  • How much would you focus on the battle? Would it be violent and long? Quick?
  • What actresses might you choose to play these roles?

Open Notebook

Share with the class the way that you would handle the scene.