Narrative Writing Assessment

Digital Disconnect


Sometime between now and Lesson 7, you’re going to try an experiment in disconnecting. Choose an evening and digitally disconnect yourself. Stay off the Internet, phone, and anything else that keeps you digitally and instantaneously connected. Stay off for the whole evening if you can, and if you can’t, explain why you couldn’t.

Make sure you let your parents or guardians know in advance about your plan to disconnect. You don’t want to scare anybody. After your evening of digital disconnection, you’ll reflect in writing on the questions below.

  • How hard was it to stay disconnected? Why was it so hard or easy?
  • How did other people react to your disappearance? Did anybody “miss you” online?
  • Were there any positive consequences to disconnecting?
  • Were there any negative consequences?
  • For how long were you able to disconnect?
  • If you had to reconnect before the evening was over, explain why.
  • Be sure to make a note of any part of this experience that might provide personal evidence for your argument paper and add it to the document you began at the beginning of Lesson 3.

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