Research On Information & Interaction

Argument Essay Research


You’ve had several opportunities to read, annotate, and discuss articles. Now it’s time for you to do research. Take the skills that you’ve learned in reading, annotating, and examining arguments and apply them independently to new articles.

  • Use the Independent Research Workflow to guide your assessment of articles. Your teacher will briefly demonstrate its use.
  • Remember that when you do research, you’ll need to keep track of where you get information so you can cite it in your essay. Any ideas and any particular phrases that you get from an author other than yourself must be cited. Use the Citation Guide to help you gather and format the information you find.
  • Choose an article that you think might help you develop new evidence or a new claim for your argument essay.
  • Read your chosen article and write an entry in your Notebook that answers the following questions:
    • What is the main argument in the article?
    • If the article turned out to be helpful for your own argument essay, how will it help?
    • If the article turned out to be unhelpful, why won’t it help?

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