Information Writing

Information Writing

Informational Writing


Write a brief response to this question.

  • What do you know about informational writing?

Open Notebook

Share your knowledge with the class.

Benchmark (Cold Write): Informational

Work Time

Now you will write your informational piece. Remember that an informational piece is a text that gives facts and information about a topic. It can also be writing that explains something.

You will have 20 minutes to write your informational piece.

  • Write a brief informational piece in response to the prompt.

Citation Review

Work Time

Your teacher will briefly review the importance of citing information accurately.

Citations are a way of preserving your intellectual honesty by giving credit where credit is due.

Your essay will represent your own personal perspectives on the issues, but any information or perspective you gain from an outside source needs to be made clear to your reader.

As you listen, write down any questions you have about how to use citations correctly.

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Article Reading and Annotation


  • Find, read, and annotate your new article independently according to the steps in the Independent Research Workflow. If you don’t finish during class, you can finish the annotations for homework.

Annotation and Revision


  • Finish annotating your article.
  • A revised draft of your essay and two independently annotated articles will be due in Lesson 16.