Student Self Check

Jan’s Work

Work Time

Jan's Work

The problem:

A waiter at a restaurant shares his tips with the busboy in a ratio of 5:2. If the waiter had $45 after sharing his tips, how much did he give the busboy?

Jan says:

“I set up a ratio table. I knew when the waiter got $5, the busboy got $2, because the ratio was 5 to 2. So I put that in the table. Then I wanted to see what would happen when the waiter got $45, so I added $40 to $5 and put it in the table for the waiter. I wanted to do the same thing for the busboy, so I added $40 to $2 and got $42 to match up with the $45 for the waiter. So when the waiter gets $45, the busboy gets $42.”

  • What mistake did Jan make?
  • Is there a way she could have used a ratio table to solve the problem correctly? Explain.