Units Resulting From Rate Calculations

Check Your Knowledge of Rates

Formative Assessment

Check Your Knowledge of Rates

Now take some time to check how much you know about rates. For these problems, do not calculate the exact answers. Instead, do the following for each problem:

  • Explain what calculation the person can perform to find what he or she wants to know.
  • Explain what the unit of the answer is.
  1. At the store, Jason sees that the price of cherries is $3.00 per pound. What calculation can he perform to find the price of 5.75 pounds of cherries?
  2. Rosa knows that she can skate to the park in 1.5 hours. The park is 12 miles away. What calculation can she perform to find her speed?
  3. Denzel knows that 1 quart of paint will cover about 85 square feet of wall. He needs enough paint to cover 325 square feet of wall. What calculation can Denzel perform to find how many quarts of paint he will need?
  4. Mina ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) this weekend. She completed the run in 2.6 hours. What calculation can Mina perform to find her speed during this run?


Make sure you write the unit of the answer.