Reviewing Quantitative Relationships

Graph the Relationships

Work Time

Graph the Relationships

Below are four situations describing the rate of water flowing through a pump.

Situation 1: Pump 1 pumps water at a rate of 125 gallons per minute.

Situation 2: Pump 2 pumps water at a constant rate. Pump 2 pumps 364 gallons in 7 minutes.

Situation 3: Pump 3 pumps at a constant rate, represented by the table.

Situation 4: Pump 4 pumps at a constant rate, represented by the double number line.

For each situation, do the following.

  1. Write a formula that represents the rate relationship.
  2. Graph all four relationships on a single graph.

Situation 3:

Situation 4:



  • What rate will you find gallons per minute or minutes per gallon?
  • How will you represent this rate as a formula?
  • Why should you represent time on the x -axis?