INFOhio Citation Guide

Citation Tools

How can citation tools help me cite my sources?

Citation tools can autogenerate citations using the information provided by the source or the user. Be Careful! Autogenerated citations and citation generators can be very good, but treat them like you would a rough draft. Compare the autogenerated citations to the MLA Formatting and Style Guide or the APA Formatting and Style Guide

Autogenerated Citations

Many INFOhio resources automatically generate a citation for articles, videos, and eBooks. Below is a list of popular INFOhio resources for student researchers. For each resource, look at the image. Notice a button labeled Cite or Citation. Click it to get a rough draft of a citation. 

Explora for Grades 9-12 and Explora for Grades 6-8


High School eBooks Collection (EBSCO)


Science Online

science online

World Book Advanced


Citation Generators

Citation generators use information about a source to generate a citation. The user provides information about the resource. Read Using Citation Generators Responsibly from Purdue Online Writing Lab to learn more. Research management platforms may include citation generators. Ask your teacher if your school provides you access to a research management platform. 

World Book Student and World Book Advanced Citation Builder

World Book Student and World Book Advanced provide students access to a citation builder. This citation builder is available to students at no cost. Use the screenshots below to learn how to use this tool. 

To begin, click the green "Open" button to go to World Book Student or World Book Advanced.


Locate the citation builder using the steps outlined in the images below.

world book citation builder 1

wb 2

wb 3


Read the article, Citation Builder, from World Book Online to learn more about how to use this tool.