Narrative Essay Group Feedback

Peer Response Groups, Step 2

Work Time

In step 2 of the peer revision process, answer the following questions as a group for each narrative.

  • What is the central conflict in the narrative? Is it internal, external, or both? How is the conflict resolved?
  • What weaknesses does the narrator show about him- or herself?
  • Does the narrator have moments of growth, change, or realization that portray him or her in a positive light? If so, what are they? And if not, what is the reader’s ultimate impression of the narrator?
  • What is the overall lesson or message that you see coming through in this work?
  • What would you like to learn more about? Are there characters, events, or descriptions that you feel could be enhanced?
  • Was there anything confusing? What needs to be cleared up?
  • Is the reader’s impression of the narrator the same as the narrator’s impression of him- or herself? Should it be? If not, what causes the difference? What does the reader understand about the narrator that the narrator doesn’t see?
  • Does the introduction set the scene and help portray a problem or conflict that needs to be addressed?
  • Does the conclusion contain a reflection that adds to the reader’s understanding and generates further thought?