Essay Structure

Essay Structure

Student Essay Example


In preparation for writing your own essay, examine and analyze this model.

In this student essay, the writer compares and contrasts the protagonists of Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse andOedipus the King by Sophocles.

  • Read and annotate the sample student essay “The Search for Knowledge.”

Search for Knowledge Share

Final Project Assignment

Work Time

Get into the small groups your teacher has assigned.

  • Open the Unit Accomplishment document, read through the project assignment with your group, and note any questions you have.
  • Attempt to answer your questions within your small group, if possible.
  • Ask your teacher any questions you are unable to answer.

Your teacher will assign a time period to each group.

Final Project Work Plan

Work Time

  • Prepare to report to the class on one or two texts from each author in your time period and three to five key points about the time period you have been assigned.
  • Make agreements with each other about what you will accomplish before the next lesson and submit those agreements to your teacher.

Open Notebook

You will have more time to work with your group in the next lesson.

Project Progress Reports


Have a representative of your group report the following information to the class.

  • The titles of one or two texts from each author in your group’s time period.
  • Three to five important facts about the time period that are essential to the understanding of the texts.

Individual Project Work


Assign homework for each member of your group. What will you and your group members do to prepare for the next lesson?

  • Complete the work your group has assigned you for homework.