Writing An Effective Conclusion

Essay Conclusions


In the conclusion of an essay, you emphasize your central argument. Your first attempt at writing a good conclusion is a great time to learn if your argument is truly interesting and persuasive.

If you can make strong, thoughtful claims in the conclusion, especially claims that a reader wouldn’t understand or agree with without having read the rest of the paper, then you know your paper really made an argument.

If you find yourself with nothing to say in the conclusion, or only vague general statements that nobody could really disagree with, you need to go back and revise your analysis in your body paragraphs.

  • Look at the final paragraphs of the Sample Essay, “What Maslow Misses” and “Turn on, Log in, Wise up” with your teacher and discuss what each conclusion does or doesn’t do well.
  • Begin drafting the conclusion to your own essay.