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The Surveyor

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The Surveyor

Surveyors mark the boundaries of property. To relay this information, they write instructions as if someone were walking on a piece of property. The instructions state where to start, which direction to walk in, and how far to walk before making a change in direction.

Use the surveyor’s instructions to draw the boundaries of the property on the coordinate plane. Adjust the graph so the axes range from –100 to 100.

The Surveyor’s Instructions

A. Start at (40, 30).
B. Go north 20 yards.
C. Go west 70 yards.
D. Go south 30 yards.
E. Go west 20 yards.
F. Go south 40 yards.
G. Go east 30 yards.
H. Go south 30 yards.
I. Go east 40 yards.
J. Go north 80 yards.
K. Go east 20 yards.

HANDOUT: The Surveyor