Gallery Problems

The Ink Blot

Work Time

The Ink Blot

Use the surveyor’s instructions to draw the boundaries of the property on the coordinate plane. The last two steps are covered by an ink blot. Figure out what the steps should be and complete the drawing of the boundaries. You can only walk north, south, east, or west—no walking on the diagonal. Adjust the graph so the axes range from –100 to 100.

The Surveyor’s Instructions

A. Start at (60, 10). 
B. Go west 40 yards. 
C. Go north 30 yards. 
D. Go west 60 yards. 
E. Go south 30 yards. 
F. Go west 30 yards. 
G. Go south 30 yards. 
H. Go east 20 yards. 
I. Go south 20 yards. 
J. (ink blot) 
K. (ink blot)

HANDOUT: The Ink Blot