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A Mistake in the Survey

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A Mistake in the Survey

Use the surveyor’s instructions to draw the boundaries of the property on the coordinate plane. Adjust the graph so the axes range from –100 to 100. 

What is wrong with this survey?

The head surveyor says the mistake is in line 7 of the report. Correct the report and fix your drawing of the boundaries.

The Surveyor’s Instructions

A. Start at (70, 20). 
B. Go north 3012 yards. 
C. Go west 40 yards. 
D. Go south 3012 yards. 
E. Go west 60 yards. 
F. Go south 50 yards. 
G. Go east 60 yards. 
H. Go south 2012 yards.
I. Go east 50 yards. 
J. Go north 7012 yards.

HANDOUT: A Mistake in the Survey