Glide Ratio

White-Backed Vultures

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White-Backed Vultures

White-backed vultures have a glide ratio of 75:5. The ratio tells us that this kind of vulture can glide 75 feet forward for every 5 feet that it descends.

Choose a tool that you think will be useful for representing and comparing equivalent glide ratios for the white-backed vulture. (The Double Number Line Tool and Ratio Table Tool are provided below; however, you can use any tool that you feel will be the most useful.)

  • Using your chosen tool, represent equivalent glide ratios for the white-backed vulture.
  • Explain where you "see" the ratios in your representation and what each ratio means.

INTERACTIVE: Double Number Line Tool

INTERACTIVE: Ratio Table Tool

When representing and comparing the glide ratios, pay attention to which numbers you use for the forward distances and which you use for the vertical descent distances.