Glide Ratio

Prepare a Presentation

Work Time

Prepare a Presentation

Explain what a glide ratio is.

Explain which tool you chose to represent glide ratios and why you chose that tool.

Explain how the representations you made support your answer about whether the vulture or the sailplane/paraglider can glide farther from a given altitude.

Challenge Problem

As you can see in the photograph, the northern flying squirrel has its own wing suit! This wing suit is similar to a wing suit that humans have developed. The squirrel has a glide ratio similar to the glide ratio of the man-made wing suit: both ratios are approximately 2:1.

  • Imagine that the squirrel jumps from one tree to another, from a branch 140 feet off the ground to a branch 30 feet off the ground. How far apart are the two trees?
  • Another set of trees is 120 feet apart. The squirrel jumps from one tree branch to another and lands on a branch that is 10 feet off the ground. How high was the branch that the squirrel jumped from?