INFOhio and OER

About INFOhio

INFOhio is Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library. Our mission is to transform student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio. INFOhio is optimized by the Management Council, which represents and supports the collaborative efforts of Ohio’s Information Technology Centers.

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INFOhio's OER Initiatives

For nearly 20 years, INFOhio has made high-quality, age-appropriate standards-aligned digital content freely accessible to Ohio's PreK-12 students and educators. The goals of INFOhio's OER initiatives include:

  • Identifying and curating additional standards-aligned student content and educator materials

  • Improving accessibility to low- and no-cost high-quality resources

  • Encouraging the creation and sharing of additional resources

We believe this makes learning more personal for both the student and the teacher. Learn more about INFOhio's OER initiatives.

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INFOhio’s PreK-12 OER Advisory Council

The INFOhio Open Space is a joint project among INFOhio, Ohio content providers, and Ohio PreK-12 schools to provide a platform for collaboration and the development of Open Educational Resources. The resources that are created and shared on this site are freely available to all Ohio PreK-12 educators and their students. Goals of the INFOhio Open Space include:

  • Reducing education costs and increasing equity by creating and sharing educational content that all Ohio PreK-12 students and educators can freely use

  • Fostering community and a spirit collaboration among Ohio PreK-12 educators

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