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This group's purpose is to (1) organize helpful materials that help describe and teach the basics and advanced elements of Open Educational Resources or OER; (2) create a community of practice around the topic of OER in Ohio; (3) serve as a sounding board and space for ideas, collaborations, and updates from around the state in the field of OER.
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Ohio Curriculum Support Guide

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High-Quality Instructional Materials can be a game-changer, but – ask any educator – it takes more than a box of books to translate great materials into great instruction. If you are involved in the selection, launch, or support of a curriculum for your school or school system, this website is for you. This website is a collection of insight, resources, and lessons from other systems that have walked this journey.

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Author: Instruction Partners

Authoring Open Textbooks

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This guide is for faculty authors, librarians, project managers and others who are involved in the production of open textbooks in higher education and K-12. Content includes a checklist for getting started, publishing program case studies, textbook organization and elements, writing resources and an overview of useful tools.

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Permissions Guide For Educators

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This guide provides a primer on copyright and use permissions. It is intended to support teachers, librarians, curriculum experts and others in identifying the terms of use for digital resources, so that the resources may be appropriately (and legally) used as part of lessons and instruction. The guide also helps educators and curriculum experts in approaching the task of securing permission to use copyrighted materials in their classrooms, collections, libraries or elsewhere in new ways and with fewer restrictions than fair use potentially offers. The guide was created as part of ISKME's Primary Source Project, and is the result of collaboration with copyright holders, intellectual property experts, and educators.

Material Type: Reading

Author: OER Administrator

Open Pedagogy: A New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning

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The main objective of this course is to explore and critique the role of an open pedagogy in education. Participants will develop an understanding of the concept of open and explore its application in, primarily, the context of educational environments as well as use and assess emerging learning technologies and social media. Participants will also learn about a variety of other initiatives and projects employing an open pedagogy, learn how to both identify and create open educational resources and develop a familiarity with the legal and policy considerations (e.g. copyright) surrounding the use and creation of open content. Through reading, writing, and sharing these writings, participants will make important contributions to the ongoing and exciting conversation around the future of teaching and learning.

Material Type: Full Course

Authors: Open Michigan, University of Michigan

Guidelines for Online Assessments for Educators

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These guidelines are intended to support educators in critically examining the role of onlineassessment in their teaching, and to provide different strategies and tools that can be used for onlineassessment, thereby empowering educators to make informed decisions about how they use ICT forassessment.

Material Type: Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Dear Depression

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This is a creative writing personal narrative student project. It is a powerful personal story about one student's journey through depression. After writing it I encouraged her to put images to it. She created it a Google slideshow and then uploaded it to WeVideo and recorded a voice over.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Jade Pevley, Lori Lee


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INFOhio transforms student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio.

Material Type: Catalog, Reading, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: INFOhio

Teaching For Change - Promise of Change

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From Debbie Levy: "Today, Jo Ann will be the first to remind you that she is just one of twelve black students who went through the agonizing experience of desegregating Clinton High School.  She'll make sure you know that because of her parents' decision to leave, she spent only one semester there.  The heroes, she'll say, are Bobby Cain and Gail Ann Epps - the ones who hung in there long enough to graduate despite the danger and discomfort of showing up, day after day, to a place where they knew they were not wanted. I say they are all heroes."

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Laura McShane