Create with Open Author

Are you looking for a platform where you can create and share your own learning resources with other Ohio educators? Use the Open Author building tools to create your Open Educational Resources, lesson plans, courses, and more — and then publish them to share with other Ohio educators and their students. Begin by reviewing the Open Space minimum requirements and rubrics. Then, start creating using the Resource Builder or Lesson Builder today!

Open Space Minimum Requirements and Rubrics

INFOhio developed Open Space to provide Ohio's PreK-12 educators with a platform to collaborate, create, and share high-quality teaching and learning resources. All submissions to Open Space will be reviewed and must meet the minimum requirements for quality and accessibility. Before you begin building in Open Space, review the minimum requirements checklist and Open Space Rubrics to ensure your learning objects will meet the minimum requirements for publication.

Resource Builder

This Open Author resource builder format makes it easy to combine text, pictures, sounds, files, and video, and save them as openly licensed educational resources — which can then be shared with friends, colleagues and educators. And with Open Author, it’s also a snap to organize, edit and publish resources that are tailored to you and your classroom.

You can print and download your resources as a PDF, as well as download all included media. No more struggles to find and consolidate various types of information and resources. No more visits to multiple pages or screens to build the resources you need.

Launch Resource Builder

Lesson Builder

The Open Author lesson builder format allows authors to create both student and teacher facing content views. Authors are encouraged to include overviews, pedagogical supporting text, and instructions for both students and other users of the resource. Lessons consists of sequenced tasks, which can incorporate a step-by-step approach to learning. Each task can have associated resources available for download.