Denette Mottayaw
Information, Media and Technological Literacy
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Upper Primary
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Introduction to ISearch for Finding Library Books #2


This lesson will help students use ISearch as a library catalog. This is the second lesson of three lessons. In this lesson the teacher will mostly be demonstrating on a screen. Students may need devices to try a search if time allows. 

Changing Search Criteria in ISearch

Elementary ISearch Lesson #2 Changing Search Criteria

Demonstrate first:

ALL FIELDS: Show students that they can change the search box by selecting something other than “All Fields” in the drop down menu. (“All Fields” searches the title, subject AND author)

Tell the students if they leave the search box on “All Fields”, it searches for all 3 things.  Example: green (The results are searching for titles with “green” and authors with “green” like Tim Green on page 3 of the results.

Make sure the students know there is more than one page of results. J

TITLE: Demonstrate searching by title: Ask the students for a title to look up. Point out if there are any available and the call number in RED.

BOOK SUMMARY:  Also show the students that they can click on a book to read the short summary about the book.

AUTHOR: Demonstrate searching by author: Ask the students for a favorite author to look up. Once again, point out the call number. Ask the students if they know where this book is. Ask the students if it is available.

SUBJECT: You can also demonstrate looking up a subject.

It’s time for the students to practice:

Remind students how to get to the ISearch catalog.

Have them complete the worksheet for this lesson. You will likely need to lead them through each question.