Denette Mottayaw
Information, Media and Technological Literacy
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Upper Primary
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Introduction to ISearch for Finding Library Books #3


This lesson will help students use ISearch as a library catalog. This is the third lesson of three lessons. In this lesson the teacher will be demonstrating on a screen. Students will use devices to practice their skills. 

Filtering Results

Elementary I-Search Lesson #3 Filtering Results

Demonstrate first:

Show students how they can narrow their searches down to fiction OR nonfiction titles.

Use the word: Space

Show how students can narrow down their results to Books only since there are so many electronic resources and videos in the results. (The electronic books look like free ebooks from Project Gutenberg that are old copyrights. There are probably not any that are elementary reading levels.)

I usually narrow results by clicking on the blue word and not placing a checkmark in the boxes.

After you have narrowed the results to books, then narrow the results to Easy readers, or fiction, or nonfiction.

It’s time for the students to practice:

Remind students how to get to the ISearch catalog.

Have them answer questions on the ISearch Lesson #3 worksheet.

Remind the students that you just clicked on the blue word in the left filter section when narrowing down the results. The teacher may have to guide the student through each question.