Chris Adcock
English Language Arts, Composition and Rhetoric
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Lesson Plan
High School
  • Grade 11 ELA
  • Group Work
  • Peer Review
  • Work
  • Writing
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    Revising Your Paper

    Revising Your Paper


    In this lesson, students will take their group's feedback into account and revise their final paper.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.
    • Think about how you'd like to structure the work period. Will students be allowed to work together or will it be an extended silent writing period? How do you plan to organize your conferences?


    • Only take a minute or two for this share, just to get a sense of where people are and to help your students see what types of assistance or support are available.


    Think about what you have left to accomplish and answer the questions below.

    • What are some realistic goals you can set for this work period?
    • What support do you need from your teacher or your classmates to accomplish these goals?

    Open Notebook

    When you have finished, share your thoughts with the class.

    Independent Writing

    • Structure this time as it works best for you and your students. You could have students sit with their writing groups so they can draw on each other for support. Remind them, though, to keep the atmosphere conducive to sustained independent work. You can ask students to submit questions to you so that you can maximize your ability to respond and confer.
    • Remind students to continue working in the document they began in Lesson 25 , Task 2 . ELL: This is the final in-class opportunity for ELLs to confer with you about their essays. Check in on them as they work and encourage those who need more help to confer with you during this task.

    Work Time

    • Use this time as efficiently as you can to work on your revision.
    • You can use your writing group as a resource for quick questions, and you can submit questions to your teacher for an individual conference.

    You Have a Choice
    First, determine how you will approach the work. You can choose to work independently, work with a partner, work with a group, or confer with your teacher.

    Reflection on Final Steps

    • Check in with students and assist anyone who is struggling.
      • SWD: If students are struggling to complete this task independently, you may decide to pull a small group or partnership for direct instruction or guided practice on revision and incorporating feedback.


    • What was the most important change you made to your work today?
    • What steps do you need to accomplish to finish by the next lesson?

    Open Notebook

    Final Paper Revision

    Finish your revision of your paper. It is due in the next lesson.

    • Papers are due in the next lesson.


    • Finish your revision of your paper. It is due in the next lesson.