The Role of Technology

Digital Divide Entry


Over the last two lessons, you’ve collected a series of notes and impressions concerning your understanding of the effect of technology on the ways we connect to each other. You’ve also begun to construct some ideas on your own place in the culture of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants.

You may answer any or all of the following questions as you write.

  • Do you think of yourself as a Digital Native? Why or why not?
  • You are probably more familiar with certain technologies than many of the adults in your life. How does that feel?
  • How does your relationship with technology make you more effective or less effective in achieving your goals?
  • Many people aren’t totally Natives or totally Immigrants when it comes to digital issues.
    • Where do you think you fall?
    • How much of a Native are you?
    • How much are you an Immigrant?

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