Digital Connection & Human Psychology

Thesis Draft

Work Time

Go back over your notes and writing from the unit so far, including your notes on the articles and your immigrant experience paragraph. Then write a one-sentence working thesis.

Your working thesis is not going to be the very best version of your argument. That will take time, analysis of evidence, and many revisions. However, writing a working thesis is an opportunity to push yourself to be specific in your thinking and to begin the process of answering a very challenging, complex question.

Here are two examples of a working thesis, each with its own contrasting view of the issue:

  • The digital era has brought new kinds of tools for social connections, which have made our ways of thinking and connecting very different than they were before.
  • The digital era may have brought new tools for socially connecting, but we are not very different than before since we are still seeking to fulfill the same needs, just in a new way.

Get started by making a first attempt at answering the question below.

  • What kind of human has the digital era created, and how are people who grew up digitally connected different from those who began connecting later in life?

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