Digital Connection & Human Psychology



For homework, interview a Digital Immigrant, somebody who started digitally connecting after his or her childhood was over.

Use your understanding of the articles you have read so far as the basis for your conversation, and try to understand your interviewee’s perspective. You might begin by explaining the concept of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants.

Record or write down at least three of the most interesting answers you hear. Here are some questions you can use in your interview.

  • What technology makes you the most uneasy? Why?
  • What is the strangest thing you see young Digital Natives do with their technology?
  • Do you wish you could go back to a time when people didn’t use technology to connect socially? Why or why not?
  • Do you think Digital Natives’ brains are developing differently than yours did? Why or why not? In what ways?

Open Notebook

You have until Lesson 8 to complete this interview and share your findings. Don’t forget that you also have to complete your disconnection experiment by Lesson 7.