Jennifer Schwelik, Amy Palermo, Laurie Switzer, Roger Minier
21st Century Skills
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Oer Infohio Open Space
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Creating in Open Space

Creating in Open Space


Tools and resources to assist in introducing educators to Open Space

Open Space Introduction

Use these resources to asssit you in training yourself and others in the Open Space environment.  Revise as needed.

Review these resources to asssit you in training yourself and others in the Open Space environment.

Video Introduction to Open Space

Have educators watch this introductory video before beginning to use Open Space.



Please watch this video introduction to Open Space.  Note how to create a login and to create a group.

Getting Started with Open Space


Create Your Open Space Login

Introduction on creating an Open Space Login.

Create your own login to Open Space. 

1. Go to

2. Click Sign-in Register

3. Complete the registration.

4. Look for an authentication email.  You must click the link in the authentication email to complete the registration. 

Create your Profile in Open Space

Demonstrate how to adjust a user profile by using your onw. 

Personalize your profile in a few easy steps.  Follow the directions in the attached document.

Add a Resource to Open Space

Have educators add a resource to Open Space.  Demonstrate - then have them try on their own.

It is easy to add a resource to Open Space.  Resources are published once a day; so, know you may need to wait up to twenty-four hours. 

Review this help document to assist you as you start out adding a resource. 

Save a Resource to a Folder

Have educators save a resource to a folder.

You can organize resources in folders in Open Space.  Follow these directions to do this.

Join a Group

Have educators join or create a group. 

You can create and/or join groups to collaborate.  Today, join the Open SpaceTraining Group.  To do this, click on Groups.  Then click on Open Space Training.  Click on Join to join the group and begin contributing. 

To create a group, follow these directions

Open Space Rubric

Review the Open Space Rubric

Resources are added to Open Space after approval.  Any item added must meet minmum guidelines as outlined in the Open Space rubric.  The rubric is linked in Open Space and on the INFOhio Open Space page. 


Open Space Lesson Pesonalized Learning Features

Some personalized learning features of Open Space Lessons.

A few Open Space prsonalized learning features found in the editing bar.

open space editor

1.Accessibility tester. Click to determine if the content you have built meets requirements for accessibility. 

2. Dictionary builder.  Highlight a word and then click on the dictionary icon.  You will be able to add a definition for the highlighted word.

3. Embed a video - cick on the video arrow and follow the embed directions.

4. Add math notations. click on the E to add math notations. 

5. Add image.  Click on the image icon and upload an image.

6. Add a table. click on the table (similar to word processing table).








Collaborate on a Lesson

Demonstrate how lesson collaboration can take place

In Open Space you can collaborate on lessons within or across schools and districts. 

  • Review the lesson guide to help you organize materials you might need for to create a lesson.
  • Review a sample lesson.
  • You can either create anew lesson or you can choose a lesson already published in Open Space, and remix that lesson to create a new lesson. 

Then get started and create or remix a lesson.