Continue the Dialogue: Instructional Materials Matter conference

by Matt Yauk 2 years, 11 months ago

Did you participate in the Open Space: Harnessing the Power of Open Educational Resources presentation at the Instructional Materials Matter conference, presented by INFOhio on 06/23/2021? Use this thread to continue the conversation(s) you were having, add additional thoughts and questions about the topic, and provide comments and feedback. Didn't attend live but watched the recording of the session and want to add your thoughts? This is the place for you, too!

Here are the questions and prompts that were presented throughout the presentation:

  • Why OER? What are your reasons for using OER? What benefits do OER offer educators? What can they do for a district or the education system? (thoughts were added to this collaborative Padlet wall).
  • Celebrate OER: share your success story with integrating OER. How did you find, select, and integrate a resource? Talk through roadblocks, wins, and outcomes.
  • What are the most important characteristics or elements you look for when selecting instructional materials? What is your process to objectively evaluate resources?
  • Explore and share: find a resource or group in Open Space and share what you found.
  • Brainstrom uses of Open Space. How can we encourage others to use and share OER? How can you build community with Groups?
  • What has been your "muddiest point" in the topic? What lingering questions do you still have about the topic? What is something that excites you about the topic?