Mazaam App Available Free for a Limited Time

by Erica Clay 4 years, 2 months ago

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Message from Marie-Helene Giannatos:

Marie-Helene Giannatos
  Directrice au développement des affaires
  Director of Business Development
  +1 (514) 952 0630 |


In the current context where parents are looking for educational digital resources they can use at home, I wish to inform you that we are offering our educational app Mazaam for free until June 30th, 2020 to support families who are now confined at home.


Through classical music, Mazaam hopes to help alleviate the challenge families with young children are currently facing across the world.


Mazaam ( is an edutainment app for children (ages 4 to 6) which uses classical music as an educational tool that promotes the development of emotional, cognitive and psychomotor skills. The app is available in English ad French. The Houston Symphony published an article about apps to help kids learn Music at Home featuring Mazaam:  


Download and try the app here: