Explora Lesson Plans and Educator Tools

by INFOhio Staff 2 years ago

Share a description of the lesson plan you created using Explora content. 

Rachel Robson 8 months, 3 weeks ago

I the lesson I shared is about Mars rover research project for 3rd graders. They can use Explora resources to learn about Mars rovers, increase their vocabulary and then present what they learn as a video or pamphlet. 

Dwight Meyer 6 months ago

I recently had an information request for materials on the subject of “The American Civil Rights Movement” but with the twist that many of the students in the class are native Spanish speakers, thus we would like to demonstrate to the class how to either: 1. Directly access Spanish Language Content. Or 2. Find high quality peer-reviewed articles on the subject and then translate them into Spanish. The class has mostly Juniors and Seniors. 

I then looked through the article: https://connect.ebsco.com/s/article/Translating-Online-Full-Text-in-the-New-EBSCO-Interfaces?language=en_US and it is a fairly easy process to press the “translate” button and specify “Espanol” but the catch is that it will only translate items in the “Online Full Text” version. So that is the gist of the lesson that these classes would like for me to cover the next time they visit the Media Center for their project for Black History Month.

Sam Appleby 3 months ago

I don't think I will be able to use this lesson until next year, but I do a Puzzle Cube PBL with students in the fall semester.  The Puzzle Cube project is designed to introduce students to CAD and 3D printing.  I would like to use this article in order to supplement the instruction.  Rather than posting it to the classroom, I think I am going to use it as an example for how to use Explora and show the students how to look up an article themselves.