GenYES Ohio Community

The GenYES Ohio Community is a group for educators who facilitate the GenYES program in their schools. Within this community of practice, members can collect, collaborate, share lesson plans, and engage in conversations to support GenYES programs in their school district. This group is designed to support GenYES Ohio educators. The GenYES Ohio program provides an introduction to computer science, coding, and STEM careers, as well as careers in teaching and education. Students learn through action while supporting others and completing projects that demonstrate their learning. The program is flexible and is designed to support school technology integration goals while building the next generation of technology leaders. With the acquisition of the GenYES program, Ohio users should contact or their ITC for questions and support for GenYES Ohio.
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GenYES Ohio Community May Meetup: Reflect on Your Learning

by Mary Rowland 3 months ago

Share one thing you learned today and will implement in your classroom.