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Lions and Tigers and Bears OH-my! Animal Research Project and Google Slide Presentation for primary students

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH-my! Animal Research Project and Google Slide Presentation for primary students


Lions and Tigers and Bears OH-my! Help young students practice their research and presentation skills with this fun, hands-on animal research and presentation project. 

Choose Animal

1) Prior to starting this project, you may want partner with your school librarian and/or STEAM teacher. Gather books and other resources to help peak your students interest and help them with their animal research. 

1) Choose an animal that you would like to learn more about. To help you choose:




Research Animal

** Before students begin researching it would be beneficial to make sure students have previous knowledge and practice with search techniques. For more information on how to teach this check out INFOhio's research module for teachers:

1) In a large group create an anchor chart for students to reference back to during their researching. You could create your own on chart paper or use this digital version: 

Animal Research Anchor Chart



2) Use the following links to research your animal:

Kids InfoBits

Google Kids

National Geographic Kids:

3) Find the answers to the following questions:

  • My animal's name is and an interesting fact.
  • My animal lives?
  • My animal can?
  • My animal has?
  • Why I chose this animal?

Create Animal Presentation

4) Complete the Google Slide presentation and make it your own.

  • Title slide 1:
    • Change the title to represent your animal.
    • Change the image.
    • Add your name.
  • Slides 2-6:
    • Complete the sentence.
    • Add a sentence or two of your own.
    • Change the image. 
  • Challenge yourself by adding additional slides that tell interesting facts about your animal.

Present Animal to Classmates

Help students practice speaking skills. You may find this free rubric TPT download made by Apples and Bananas Education helpful. 


Speaking Rubric

5) Practice reading and presenting your presentation. Remember to look at presentation rubric to help you prepare. 

Extension Activity

1) To extend this lesson further partner with your schools Librarian, art teaher and/or STEAM teacher and have students create a model of their animal to use with their presentation. Provide a variety of materials for students to use. A quick google search will provide examples to help get your students creative juices flowing. 

1) Use resources provided to create a model of your animal.