Rebecca Gladden
Creativity and Innovation, Interdisciplinary, Project-based, and Real-World Learning, Life Skills, Business, Marketing, Current Events
Material Type:
Lesson Plan
High School
9, 10, 11, 12
Advanced Searching, Business, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Keywords, Research
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Using ISearch and using keywords to search for famous entrepreneurs

Using Isearch, Research famous Entrepreneurs and record what they are known for

Students must all have access to a computer

This lesson would be used after the students have already learned how to use Isearch, about keywords, and how to narrow searching by using parenthesis, equal signs. 

This lesson can be modified to fit any topic.   You can allow students to also pick their own topic and search.   

Bell ringer Activity:  Brainstorm as amny other terms you could use to search for famous entrepreneurs other than entrepreneur.

Class discussion:  Students will share what they came up with

Search:  Searching Google for Famous Entrepreneurs and record what you find.  Is it what you are looking for?

Search: Now using other names and see what you find.  Were you able to get better information?

Search:  Now go to Isearch and use the terms you feel narrowed your search on Google.  Was your information more specific?  Look at all the tabs.

Explore Isearch.  Look at all the features.  Record what you find out about Famous Entrepreneurs

Look for 3 items you found useful  in Isearch.

Click on one of the article you think is most useful for researching famous entrepreneurs.  Look for the Cite tool on the right side.  Copy and paste that into Google docs and write a brief summary about the article you chose.  

Apply:  How can you apply Isearch to other classes?