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From Caterpillar to Butterfly

From Caterpillar to Butterfly


Blended learning lesson plans for primary aged students to investigate butterflies and the butterfly life cycle. Great to use during small group/ guided reading time. 


Introduce the butterfly unit of study by filling out a class KWL chart. You may choose to do this on chart paper or use this digital version.

The learning and research tasks that follow were designed to be independently completed. However, you may choose to complete them as a large group, small groups or independently depending on skill level of students. 

What do you already KNOW about butterflies?

What do you WONDER or WANT to learn about butterflies?

With your friends and teacher help fill out the KWL chart. 

Find Books/Resources

Once students have created a list of books and resources they are interested in from your schools library, work with your librarian to collect the books and resources for your students to use. 

1. Use the iSearch Widgit in Google Classroom to search our school library for a book or resource about butterflies. 

2. Add your name and the name of the resource you found to our class list. 

3. This list will be turned in to our librarian and the resources will be checked out to our class. 


Watch Waiting for Wings and complete activities. 


Check out the following resources from Explora and TeacherTub:

Butterfly Life Cycle

Complete the Butterfly Life Cycle Diagram

  1. Drag and drop the images.

  2. Connect them in the proper order with “Curved Connector” lines to create a diagram of the life cycle of a butterfly. 

  3. Put an arrow on one end of the connectors to show the correct sequence.

Butterfly Journal

Complete the Butterfly Journal Entry.

1. Butterflies are...

2. Butterflies can...

3. Butterflies have...

4. Add a picture of a butterfly

Create a Pattern Block Butterfly

Create your own butterfly using the Pattern Blocks.

Challenge yourself and make your butterfly’s wings symmetrical.

Wrap Up

At the end of the butterfly study revist the KWL chart that was created at the beginning of the unit. Go over the student created questions in the Wonder section and see if they were answered. Place answers to the questions in the Learned section. Also add any other facts that the students found interesting and learned through their research.

Think about what you learned about butterflies.

With your friends and teacher revist the KWL chart. 

Did you find the answers to the questions you had?

What other interesting things did you learn?