Relate Ratio Tables to Graphs


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Ms. Lopez makes granola in her bakery. Her friend, Mr. Lee, has a bakery on the other side of town, and he makes granola, too.

Both Ms. Lopez and Mr. Lee use ratio tables to show equivalent ratios of almonds to oats in their granola.

  • Use the ratio tables to determine whose granola has a higher ratio of almonds to oats. Explain your answer.
  • Using a piece of graph paper or a graphing tool, make a graph of the information from each granola ratio table using the same coordinate grid.
  • Use the two graphs to justify your answer as to whose granola has the higher ratio of almonds to oats.


  • To compare the amounts of oats and almonds in the two types of granola, find a row from each table that has either the same number for oats or the same number for almonds.
  • The steepness of each graph—called the slope —gives you a visual way to compare the ratios of almonds to oats for the two types of granola.