Relate Ratio Tables to Graphs

Prepare a Presentation

Work Time

Prepare a Presentation

Be prepared to show:

How you completed the ratio table of packages to biscuits

How you used the information in the table to make a graph

How you found the number of biscuits in 39 packages

Also be prepared to demonstrate and explain:

How you used the granola ratio tables to determine whose granola has a higher ratio of almonds to oats

How you graphed the information from the two tables

How the graphs provide support for your answer as to whose granola has the higher ratio of almonds to oats

Challenge Problem

Anna graphed the ratios of cups of almonds to cups of oats, using the x-axis to represent cups of oats and the y-axis to represent cups of almonds. She says that if you make this type of graph for any two types of granola mixtures, the graph of the granola that has the higher ratio of almonds to oats will always be steeper.

Is she right? Explain and give examples.