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Unit of Study
Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Associative Learning, Positive Punishment, Instinct, Latent Learning, Imitation, Shaping, Conditioned Response, Vicarious Reinforcement, Operant Conditioning, Spontaneous Recovery, Reinforcement, Antisocial, Law of Effect, Bandura, Model, Thorndike, Cognitive Map, Behavior Modification, Partial Reinforcement, Stimulus Discrimination, Acquisition, Watson, Negative Reinforcement, Continuous Reinforcement, Secondary Reinforcer, Unconditioned Response, Tolman, Learning, Unconditioned Stimulus, Variable Interval Schedule, Variable Ratio Schedule, Negative Punishment, Conditioning, Fixed Ratio Schedule, Taste Aversion, Extinction, Stimulus Generalization, Neutral Stimulus, Fixed Interval Schedule, Positive Reinforcement, Skinner, Punishment, Higher-order Conditioning, Primary Reinforcer, Prosocial, Observational Learning, Conditioned Stimulus, Classical Conditioning, Vicarious Punishment, Second-order Conditioning, Pavlov, Reflex