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Community College / Lower Division, College / Upper Division
Stolon, Root Anatomy, Thigmonastic, Essential Element, Tegmen, Leaf Arrangement, Blue Light Response, Hypocotyl, Plant Response to Wind, Fruit Type, Natural Plant Reproduction, Self-pollination, Water Transport, Double Fertilization, Hydroponics, Parasitic Plant, Abscission, Chromophore, Leaf Form, Soil Properties, Pollination by Water, Plant Adaptation, Plant Response to Touch, Apical Meristem, Nitrogenase, Plant Form, Nitrogen Fixation, Asexual Reproduction, Adventitious Root, Physical Properties of Soil, Carotenoid, Meristematic Tissue, Pith, Microsporophyll, Flavin, Mycorrhizae, Female Gametophyte, Fruit Development, Sessile, Blue Light, Stipule, Transpiration, Organic Soil, Biennial, Root Pressure, Symbiotic Relationship, Bulb, Soil Profile, Coleorhiza, Endocarp, Plant Anatomy, Pollination by Bats, C Horizon, Root Modification, Rachis, Scutellum, Axillary Bud, Fruit Dispersal, Root, Stem Anatomy, Cross-pollination, Statolith, STEM, Perennial, Saprophytes, Flower Reproduction, Rhizobia, Negative Gravitropism, Plant Body, Plant Nutrient, Red/far-red Response, Plant Lifecycle, Plant Physiology, Plant Reproductive Process, Mesocarp, Layering, Photoperiodism, Pollination by Wind, Leaf Anatomy, Oligosaccharin, Silt, Root Growth, Polar Nuclei, Incompatibility, Complete Flower, Intine, Nutrient Deficiency, Female Gamete, Cryptochrome, Lateral Meristem, Soil Horizon, Transpiration Regulation, Incompatibility Gene, Simple Plant Tissue, Insect Pollination, Scarification, Plant Life Span, Translocation, Cuticle, Casparian Strip, Plant Hormones, Lenticel, Horizon, Annual Ring, Lamina, Intercalary Meristem, Evapotranspiration, Compound Leaf, Senescence, Vascular Tissue, Insectivorous, Simple Fruit, Micropyle, Plant Sexual Reproduction, Pericycle, Gymnosperm Sexual Reproduction, Sieve-tube Cell, Modified Root, Rhizosphere, Pollination by Insects, Synergid, Sclerenchyma Cell, Seed Dispersal, Palmately Compound Leaf, Bird Pollination, Photosynthate Transport, Node, Mineral Soil, Polycarpic, Primary Growth, Pinnately Compound Leaf, Plumule, Macronutrient, Loam, Xylem, Multiple Fruit, Roots, Mesophyll, Aggregate Fruit, Modified Stem, Root Cap, Thigmotropism, Cortex, Epigeal Germination, Ground Tissue, Annual, Plants, Perianth, Flower Structure, Seed Development, Source, Plant Organ System, Plant Fertilization, Plant Transport, Dermal Tissue, Hypogeal Germination, Lead Structure, Thigmomorphogenesis, Nutritional Requirements of Plants, Parenchyma Cell, Positive Gravitropism, Pollination, Corm, Pollination by Birds, Growth Regulator, Guard Cell, Angiosperm, Plant Lifespan, Red Light, Wind Pollination, Tendril, Plant Reproduction, Soil Composition, Male Gametophyte, Plant Nutrition, Complex Plant Tissue, O Horizon, Monocarpic, Tracheid, Strigolactone, Sink, Megapascal, Polar Body, Stem Growth, Plant Death, Phytochrome, Secondary Growth, Bat Pollination, Simple Leaf, Tap Root, Seed Germination, Apomixis, Exocarp, Abscisic Acid, Topography, Sand, Whorled, Cytokinin, Inorganic Compound, Horticulture, Leaves, Testa, Periderm, Humus, Dormancy, Collenchyma Cell, Phyllotaxy, Gravitropism, Permanent Tissue, Soil Biology, Etoliation, Thorn, Micropropagation, Runner, Development of the Seed, Solute Transport, Trichome, A Horizon, Petiole, Plant Reproductive Structure, Stomatal Regulation, Angiosperm Reproduction, Nodule, Fungi and Roots, Pericarp, Root System, Plant Parasite, Tuber, Leaf Structure, Guttation, Endosperm, Coleoptile, Soil, B Horizon, Parent Material, Root Hair, Shoot System, Apical Bud, Plant Reproductive Development, Angiosperm Sexual Reproduction, Androecium, Internode, Water Potential, Germination, Microsporangium, Endodermis, Phototropin, Root Bacteria Interaction, Soil Formation, Fibrous Root, Gymnosperm Reproduction, Root Zone, Venation, Cutting, Clay, Leaf Function, Exine, Root Structure, Organic Compound, Insectivorous Plant, Leaf Adaptation, Plant Sensory System, Auxin, Stem Modifications, Suspensor, Leaf, Stele, Nectar Guide, Vernalization, Plant Defense, Megasporangium, Soil Climate, Rhizome, Plant Organs, Meristem, Accessory Fruit, Fertilization, Jasmonate, Ethylene, Transfer Cell, Photomorphogenesis, Epicotyl, Nutritional Adaptation, Symbiont, Epiphyte, Grafting, Water Pollination, Antipodal, Vascular Bundle, Artificial Plant Reproduction, Gibberellin, Vessel Element, Plant Chemical Composition, Radicle, Micronutrient, Plant Response, Phototropism