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Guidelines for Online Assessments for Educators

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These guidelines are intended to support educators in critically examining the role of onlineassessment in their teaching, and to provide different strategies and tools that can be used for onlineassessment, thereby empowering educators to make informed decisions about how they use ICT forassessment.

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Dear Depression

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This is a creative writing personal narrative student project. It is a powerful personal story about one student's journey through depression. After writing it I encouraged her to put images to it. She created it a Google slideshow and then uploaded it to WeVideo and recorded a voice over.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Teaching/Learning Strategy

Authors: Jade Pevley, Lori Lee


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INFOhio transforms student learning by providing equitable access to quality resources and cost-effective instructional and technical support for each student, educator, and parent in Ohio.

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Author: INFOhio

Teaching For Change - Promise of Change

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From Debbie Levy: "Today, Jo Ann will be the first to remind you that she is just one of twelve black students who went through the agonizing experience of desegregating Clinton High School.  She'll make sure you know that because of her parents' decision to leave, she spent only one semester there.  The heroes, she'll say, are Bobby Cain and Gail Ann Epps - the ones who hung in there long enough to graduate despite the danger and discomfort of showing up, day after day, to a place where they knew they were not wanted. I say they are all heroes."

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: Laura McShane