Starting a Cyber Club

1. How to work with your school or organization to create a cyber club.

This resource is designed to help create and organize a cyber club for your school or organization. Before starting a cyber club, check with leadership for specific information and rules on how to start clubs and available security curricula. The information contained in this document are suggestions.

In a school environment it is very important to work with the Technology Coordinator or person in charge of computers at your organization.

There are many questions you will need to answer when organizing and starting a cyber club in your school or organization. The Cyber Club Worksheet below is a tool designed to help with this process.

Download: Club_Worksheet.docx

2. Understanding the different cyber club advisor roles

There are many different roles that can be associated with cyber clubs. The following document describes the different roles that can add value to your cyber club. 

Download: CyberClub_Development-Roles.docx

3. Finding a mentor for your cyber club

Having a mentor associated with your cyber club can help create a strong club. The document below has ideas to help you locate and choose a mentor that will be right for your club.

Download: Club_Mentors.docx

4. Using membership agreements in your cyber club

Another important subject in cyber is data and personal information security. It is crucial that club members use the information and cyber tools responsibly and ethically. Each club member (and parent for members under 18 years old) should be required to complete a member agreement acknowledging that they understand the need for ethical and legal behavior. If your school or organization already has this type of document, you should use that form. Otherwise the form below can be used for this purpose or edited as needed for each club.

Download: member_agreement.docx

5. Marketing your cyber club

Once your club is up and running it is time to market your club. Marketing is vital to growing the club. Below you will find a document with many ideas for marketing your club. 

Download: CyberClub_Marketing.docx

We have also included example Word documents below that can be used as templates for fliers and posters. Click on the links below the images below to download Microsoft Word versions of fliers/posters that can be edited and used in printed form or emailed.

Download: CyberPug.docx

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