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  • Character Analysis
  • Grade 12 ELA
  • Writing
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    Character Analysis Essay (Drafts)

    Character Analysis Essay (Drafts)


    In this lesson, students begin writing their Character Analysis Essay and share what they have written with a partner.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.
    • Facilitate writing conferences with students. After working with students who have requested conferences, conduct conferences with the rest.

    Character Analysis Essay Questions

    • Circulate through the room to eavesdrop on the conversations. Determine which students may need more support.


    Get together with your Independent Reading Group.

    • Share your homework responses.
    • As you listen to the members of your group, note ideas and suggestions that may help you.

    Character Analysis Essay

    • Give students time to write the initial draft of their essays.
    • Let students know that if they request a writing conference, they should have specific questions to ask you. You will confer with them about their writing, not about getting started writing.
    • Use the time to confer with individuals and small groups (who may be working on the same character or the same literary work).

    Work Time

    Begin writing your Character Analysis Essay.

    • Complete the initial draft of your essay before the next lesson.
    • Request a writing conference with your teacher when you have specific questions about how to proceed.

    Open Notebook

    Character Analysis Essay Partner Review

    • Give students 15 minutes to read and respond to the initial drafts with partners.
      • SWD: In allowing students to work collaboratively, ensure that they have a learning environment where they can be productive.
      • ELL: Providing feedback requires a very good and solid understanding of the topic and the ability to discern gaps. Be sure that students are able to do this activity successfully. If this is not the case, offer support.
    • Use time to confer with students and/or small groups.

    Work Time

    Share with a partner what you have written so far of your Character Analysis Essay.

    Answer the following questions for your partner.

    • What is the greatest strength of the essay?
    • What suggestions do you have to strengthen the support or explanations?
    • What terms or domain-specific vocabulary does the writer need to define or explain?
    • What would be a good title for the essay?

    Essay Titles

    • Have students share essay titles and facilitate a class discussion on which ones students like and why.


    What is your essay’s title?

    • Share your essay’s title with your classmates and discuss which titles you like and why.

    Character Analysis Essay

    • Remind students that they will be working on their Character Analysis Essays over the next several lessons.


    Keep writing!

    • Begin to make revisions to your initial draft of your Character Analysis Essay based on the feedback from your writing response partner.