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  • Information Literacy
  • Inquiry
  • Inquiry Skills
  • Locating Information
  • Research
  • Research Process
  • Research Skills
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    Learn How to Locate Information

    Learn How to Locate Information


    In this lesson, students will learn how to locate valid information on the internet and within databases using search strategies. 


    Teacher Tip

    Watch this video from California State University San Bernadino's John M. Pfau Library to learn about the deep web.

    What is the Deep Web? And Why the Library?

    To learn more about how to help students locate information, visit INFOhio Campus and take the ISearch for Inquiry class. Learn more about ISearch, INFOhio's discovery search interface, and its role in the inquiry process. After successfully completing the final quiz, earn a certificate for two contact hours.

    To be an effective, creative researcher you must first begin with quality information from multiple sources.

    Note: If you are using INFOhio databases from home you may need your school district's INFOhio username and password. If you need your school username and password to access the databases, follow the link to a tutorial on Logging in to Access Digital Content from INFOhio.  

    Logging in to Access Digital Content from INFOhio


    Learn How to Identify Information Needs and Types

    Teacher Tip

    Contact your school librarian and make a plan to collaborate throughout the next several lessons. Consider teaching these lessons from within your school library. 

    The internet is filled with information, but sometimes too much of a good thing isn't a good thing. Watch the video and review the infographic to help you determine where to find valid information. 

    vidoeWatch this video, The Information Timeline from East Carolina University's Joyner Library.

    The Information Timeline

    reviewReview the infographic Information Needs & Types from Washtenaw Community College. 

    Information Needs and Types

    Learn How to Locate Information Using Library Databases

    Teacher Tip

    Ask your school librarian to talk to students about the different kinds of information they can find in databases and in search engines such as books, book chapters, newspaper articles, encyclopedia articles, magazine articles, scholarly journal articles, primary source documents, government reports, etc.

    Now that you know more about the different types of information sources, let's look at where to find the best information available on the internet. 

    videoWatch What is a Library Database and Why Should I Use One? from the University of Minnesota. 

    What is a Library Database and Why Should I Use One?

    Library databases provide you with vetted, quality information from scholarly research. Articles from library databases also provide features that make reading and saving digital content easy. 

    reviewReview the video, Top Reasons to Use Subscription Databases by Joyce Valenza and Brenda Boyer.

    Top Reasons to Use Subscription Databases

    Learn How to Select and Use Keywords to Locate Information

    Using precise keywords is the key to unlocking the best results when using a search engine or a database.

    movieWatch Choosing and Using Keywords from John M. Pfau Library at California State University, San Bernadino

    Choosing and Using Keywords

    Learn How to Locate Information Using INFOhio's ISearch

    Find reliable information for your research projects and multiple sources using INFOhio's ISearch. Use the tabs to find encyclopedia, newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, primary source documents, videos, and eBooks. 

    videoWatch the video Research Made Easy with INFOhio's ISearch to learn some search tips. 


    Research Made Easy with INFOhio's ISearch


    Learn How to Locate Information Using Explora for Grades 9-12

    The Explora for Grades 9-12 interface provides access to primary sources, academic journals, eBooks, and articles from popular magazines. Learn how to use this easy-to-use interface for everyday research. 

    videoWatch New Explora for Middle and High School Users and learn how to search and browse Explora for Grades 9-12. 

    New Explora for Middle and High School Users