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  • Research Skills
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    Apply Reflection Strategies to a Product or Project

    Apply Reflection Strategies to a Product or Project


    Students will apply self-reflection and evaluation strategies for future projects.


    Congratulations on completing INFOhio's Research 4 Success. How might you use research in the future? Here are a few ideas:

    • Researching a college
    • Researching a career 
    • Making purchases
    • Analyzing data on a job
    • Lobbying for a change
    • Maybe you will even become a researcher! 

    Collecting and saving your work might help you land the perfect job or get the scholarship you are seeking. Reflect on the work you did with this project and ways you might apply the skills you learned in the future. 

    Test Your Knowledge

    Assess your students' research skills using the Making the Grade quiz. Copy and paste quiz questions from the Google Doc to a Google Form or your choice of assessment platform. An answer key is available.

    Find additional assessment questions in TRAILS Archive - Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills located in INFOhio's Open Space.

    Test your knowledge with the Making the Grade quiz attached below. An answer key is available in the Instructor Notes.