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MVCTC Resource Notifications

MVCTC Resource Notifications


Resources gathered from INFOhio for the 2023-2024 school year to train and share within our school, MVCTC-Miami Valley Career Technology Center for juniors, seniors, and teachers.

INFOhio Resources Year


Great resources! I will submit them as I share them next year. 

Thank you. 

Main Campus Staff, March 6th


Eclipse Resources

Parent Eclipse Flyer

Teacher Eclipse Flyer


e-mailed Main Campus Staff, February 14th 2024

Do you want to bring AI and VR into the classroom, but aren’t sure how to get started? Begin by exploring these INFOhio resources for students and educators.


Artificial Intelligence Resource Collection


Note to Educator: This list is a collection of resources supporting a specific subject or theme. Each item included in the collection is premium content licensed or purchased by INFOhio or an open access item that has been reviewed by educational professionals. Educators should review all materials before sharing with students.


Resources and Collections



VR Resource Collection


Note to Educator: This list is a collection of instructional materials to help educators access resources supporting a specific subject or theme. Each item included in the collection is premium content licensed or purchased by INFOhio or an open access item that has been reviewed by educational professionals. Educators should review all materials before sharing with students.

Student Resources





Educator Resources



Lesson Plans


Professional Development


February 6th

Coding eBooks, Videos, and Lesson Plans

Student Coding eBooks




Careers in Coding Student eBooks and Videos


Professional Learning eBooks


Educator Coding Lesson Plans

Verizon Innovative Learning HQ (lesson plans)



February 5th, 2024


Explore INFOhio resources for students and educators about robotics and drones.

Drone Resource Collection

Note to Educator: This list is a collection of resources supporting a specific subject or theme. Each item included in the collection is premium content licensed or purchased by INFOhio or an open access item that has been reviewed by educational professionals. Educators should review all materials before sharing with students. 

Resources and Collections


Learn 360..may need to login


Teacher Resources!/bookshelf

Technology and Engineering!/bookshelf



Types of Engineering


Robotics eBooks, Video, and Lesson Plans

Student Robotics eBooks

Careers in Robotics eBooks and Videos


Professional Learning eBooks


Educator Robotics Lesson Plans


INFOhio Digital Video Collection 

Learn 360

Robots, A Brave New World

other videos listed below…may need to log in.



February 1st, 2024



The professional learning collection from ProQuest includes more than 40 titles focused on classroom management, computers and technology, distance learning, leadership, and special education. 

Explore the entire collection or check out a few of the highlighted eBooks from this professional learning collection:


Share in the solar eclipse excitement with this fun choice board

Ohio Department of Education & Workforce


The Professional Development Catalog provided by Eric Curts

Artificial Intelligence




INFOhio has recently added more than 25,000 open-access instructional materials to Open Space. This substantial update includes a diverse range of content, from interactive lesson plans and engaging games to comprehensive textbooks and informative videos for every subject and grade level. The resources have undergone review by INFOhio staff, underscoring INFOhio’s commitment to fostering accessible and high-quality learning experiences for students and teachers alike.

Previously, a portion of these materials were accessible through Educator Tools, as part of a collection provided by Knovation (ACT). 

Check out all of the recently added materials in Open Space, or start your exploration with one of the following popular content creators:

For educators looking to maximize the potential of these instructional materials and gain proficiency with the platform, INFOhio offers a comprehensive professional development class focused on Open Space. This course is designed to empower educators with the skills to effectively find, use, and curate materials within Open Space, enhancing their teaching strategies and student engagement in the process.

Open Space is a curriculum curation and collaboration tool from INFOhio that empowers educators to build community through groups, access curated collections, search for freely accessible instructional materials, and curate and share resources that promote innovative and collaborative learning. Have questions? INFOhio is always here to help. For questions, comments, and additional support, contact us at




December 11, 2023

This collaborative document describes the core features and functions of Open Space Groups from a user perspective. There is also space to ask questions and provide comments and feedback.


To learn more about Open Space and what you can find, take INFOhio's self-paced, online, no-cost professional development class, Open Space Basics, or check out the full Building Your Digital Curriculum learning pathway.

Integrating OER into a Class

The Using INFOhio Tools to Design Learning Experiences post on the Teach With INFOhio blog summarized the steps to design a learning experience from scratch using pre-existing materials. Follow these steps:

  1. Start with the learning objectives and/or standards for the topic.
  2. Analyze your current curriculum’s achievement of the learning objectives. Identify any gaps in information, extraneous information, and areas for improvement. 
  3. Search reliable sources using keywords, subject areas, grade levels, and material type to find the most relevant content.
  4. Identify which materials and activities should be done face-to-face and which can be completed online.
  5. Plan the instructional timeline and add the materials and activities to a module within your learning management system.
  6. Reflect on the lesson and revise.  

As you look for content, remember to consider quality and usability. Items appearing in Open Space have achieved the standards in our Open Space Submission Rubric. Other frameworks to consider for reference include EdReports and the Achieve OER rubrics. 

Ensure your materials and activities are accessible by all learners so nobody is left out. Consider these resources on accessibility and inclusive design: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines and Making Learning Accessible for All: An Educator's Guide.

Interested in hearing other educators’ perspective on OER in the classroom? Listen to these podcast episodes:

Join Open Space and start your curriculum building journey. Take a deeper dive into how to find and purposefully integrate OER and other resources into your curriculum by checking out the blog Using INFOhio Tools to Design Learning Experiences. Expand your understanding of building a digital curriculum with the 5 P's for Successful Curriculum Transformation: Ohio's PreK-12 Digital Content Adoption Playbook.

Ready to take the next step and create and share OER with other educators? Read and learn how in the final blog in this series, Creating and Sharing Open Educational Resources



Video Overview


Tammie King

Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Media/Librarian Specialist & INFOhio ICoach





October 31, 2023

New with INFOHIO

Beginning July 1, 2023 CultureGrams became available to INFOhio users across the state from the Libraries Connect Ohio resource collection. There are four editions available - World, States, Provinces, and Kids. INFOhio has partnered with ProQuest to offer CultureGrams for Ohio users. CultureGrams from ProQuest goes beyond basic facts and figures to offer local perspectives on more than 200 countries and territories detailing daily life and culture, including history, customs, and lifestyles.


scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt


e-mailed…..October 30, 2024

INFOhio Video List   



Beginning October 23, 2023, Digital Video Collection videos will no longer be available in the ISearch My Library tab. Using feedback gathered from users, INFOhio determined that users preferred other methods to find videos to use for teaching and learning. Schools using INFOhio's Library Services Platform will be able to search the My Library tab to find library catalog items and licensed and purchased eBooks from INFOhio.

The Digital Video Collection contains more than 2600 videos to support Ohio's Learning Standards and provide professional learning best practices for educators. The collection can be searched or browsed, and popular topics are grouped together in playlists, including CareersLiteracy Tips, and Holidays


INFOhio Video List   

What Are Animals Saying?


Learn360- Holocaust

Learn 360 – 286 Results More


e-mailed….. October 11, 2023

EBSCO eBOOK Collection High School Collection eBooks (EBSCO) offer download capability and unlimited use, allowing multiple students to access the same eBook at the same time in the classroom, at home, or on the go.

Content meets the criteria set by the RemotEDx Instructional Materials Rubric and supports rigor and acceleration in classrooms.

 INFOhio    username:  mvctc     password:  infohio Click > High School eBook Collection. Gale eBooks & InfobaseBooks  are located in this link as well.












InfobaseBooks – Career eBOOKS, Holocaust & More









InfobaseBooks  Resources



e-mailed…..October 5, 2023


The INFOhio Open Space is a joint project among INFOhio, Ohio content providers, and Ohio PreK-12 schools to provide a platform for collaboration and the development of Open Educational Resources. The resources that are created and shared on this site are freely available to all Ohio PreK-12 educators and their students. Goals of the INFOhio Open Space include:

  • Reducing education costs and increasing equity by creating and sharing educational content that all Ohio PreK-12 students and educators can freely use
  • Fostering community and a spirit collaboration among Ohio PreK-12 educators


INFOhio’s Open Space  > Click on the Discover Tab at the top for Resources, Collections and Providers.


Example Below – Resources from the Discover Tab, by Grade Level, Subject Areas, Material Types & More



Teach Engineering – Hands-on Activity

3D Printing, Computer Aided Design

CAD and G-Code Basics


Create a Family Meal Plan in Google Sheetsview resource tab, step by step videos to complete a Meal Plan by Google Applied Digital Skills


Create a Community My MAP ..Customize a map that highlights locations important to your community and culture with Google My Maps.


AP Biology: Chemistry of Life


Collaborate to Tell a Story


Design a Website to Promote a Project


Budget Explorer

Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College


The Crucible by Arthur Miller


The Great Gatsby


A Raisin in the Sun -


Health- Administering Medications to Patients




e-mailed…..September 25, 2023

Educator Resources & Tools > Click Educators


The resources and tools in this collection support instruction. Reviews to choose the best curriculum or supplemental instructional materials, standards-aligned content, and INFOhio professional development are just some of the resources and tools found here. To find the best INFOhio digital content and tools to share with your students, click All Resources.


Educators Tools – Find standards-aligned resources to support student learning.


Open Space – Platform to find instructional resources for all subjects and grades, connect with educators in groups, curate content, and share new ideas.


e-mailed…..September 12, 2023