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  • Evaluating Resources
  • Evaluating Websites
  • Information Literacy
  • Inquiry Skills
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  • Research
  • Research Skills
  • Website Evaluation
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    Apply Strategies to Evaluate and Select Information

    Apply Strategies to Evaluate and Select Information


    Students will apply effective strategies for evaluating and selecting information to support research.


    Knowing how to analyze information so that you can make wise decisions is a crucial skill for success. You need to know which information is most current, reliable, and authoritative, and you need to be able to understand the author's purpose so that you select the best information to make decisions. Types of information-based decisions in your future include:

    • What tires are the best for my car?
    • What is the best college for me?
    • What do I need to do to prepare for a job interview?
    • What is the best exercise routine for me?
    • What is the best chart to demonstrate my data?
    • What is the best computer to purchase for my needs?

    The decisions you make require you to analyze information.




    Apply Strategies for Evaluating Information

    Before taking notes, evaluate the website, article, book, eBook, or podcast. If the information proves to be unreliable, keep searching for more reliable sources. 

    readUse these questions to quickly and effectively evaluate websites and articles. 



    reliable information


    Use a Strategy to Analyze Primary Sources

    What do diaries, photographs, newspaper articles, and speeches all have in common? All of these items can be primary sources. Use this graphic organizer to help you analyze the primary source. 

    formUse this template to evaluate the primary sources you find during your research. 



    analyzing primary sources


    Use a Template to Plan Your Research

    Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of sources you will find online and in your library, determine which resources are best for your project. 

    formUse the Research Planning Form to determine your research questions, search terms, and sources of information. As you conduct your research, make note of anything surprising you find. 


    research planning form


    Test Your Knowledge

    Teacher Tip

    Assess your students' research skills using the Selecting the Best quiz. Copy and paste quiz questions from the Google Doc to a Google Form or your choice of assessment platform. An answer key is available.

    Find additional assessment questions in TRAILS Archive - Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills located in INFOhio's Open Space.

    Test your knowledge with the Selecting the Best quiz linked below. An answer key is available in the Instructor Notes.