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High School
9, 10, 11, 12
  • Editing
  • Information Literacy
  • Inquiry
  • Inquiry Skills
  • Peer Editing
  • Research
  • Research Paper
  • Research Skills
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    Create an Effective Product for Sharing Information

    Create an Effective Product for Sharing Information


    Students will apply strategies and tools to produce, publish, and share research.


    Whether you are writing a paper, making a poster, or creating a presentation, you are producing a product that represents your knowledge on a topic. Producing a product that represents your knowledge, either on your own or with a group, is part of life as an adult. For example: 

    • If you cook, the food you prepare is your product.
    • If you are an auto mechanic, the car repaired is your product.
    • If you are an engineer, your invention is your product.
    • If you are a researcher, your published research is your product. 

    The internet allows you to take your product to a wide audience. You can create a personal brand and excellent reputation. All it takes is a good product and a little hard work. 


    Apply Strategies for Writing Your Research Paper or Project

    You have everything you need to begin your research paper or project. 

    • Evidence gathered from multiple sources
    • Outline of the research paper or project 
    • Thesis Statement
    • Citation Hamburger graphic organizer
    • Ideas for your introduction and conclusion 

    readRefer to Writing a Research Paper from Points of View Reference Center attached below. Write a formal research paper or project about your chosen topic. Follow the assignment requirements given by your teacher. Write with your audience and purpose in mind. Use a computer and word processing or project creation software to create your paper or presentation.

    Apply Strategies to Conduct a Peer Review

    Once you have completed your research paper or project, consider getting some feedback from trusted sources. Your peers can provide the helpful feedback you need to make revisions to your paper or project. 

    videoWatch the video, Peer Review Commenting Strategies, from the University of Minnesota to help you be a better peer reviewer. After watching the video, trade papers or projects with a classmate and use the strategies illustrated in the video to peer review each other's work. 

    Peer Review: Commenting Strategies


    Apply Strategies for Editing and Proofreading

    Before submitting your research paper or sharing your presentation with your audience, make sure you (or a trusted friend) provide editing feedback. 

    formUse the Editing an Academic Checklist attached below. Edit and proofread your research paper or presentation for final publication and evaluation. Use this checklist to help you decide what works and what could be better. 


    Use Tools to Analyze Your Research Paper

    Prepare your final product keeping in mind the assignment and your audience. Decide if your research paper or project is ready to be published. 

    readAnalyze your research paper for plagiarism with Paper Rater: Pre-Grade Your Paper attached below.  

    Test Your Knowledge

    Teacher Tip 

    Assess your students' research skills using the Your Project quiz. Copy and paste quiz questions from the Google Doc to a Google Form or your choice of assessment platform. An answer key is available.

    Find additional assessment questions in TRAILS Archive - Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills located in INFOhio's Open Space.

    Test your knowledge with the Your Project quiz attached below. An answer key is available in the Instructor Notes.