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Instructor Overview

Students use estimation or other methods to place the decimal points in products and quotients. They review the algorithms for the four basic decimal operations and solve multistep word problems involving decimal operations.

Key Concepts

The algorithms for whole-number operations can be extended to decimal operations. Students learned the algorithms for decimal operations in Grade 5. By the end of Grade 6, they should be fluent with these operations.

For decimal addition and subtraction, once the decimal points of the addends are aligned (which aligns like place values), the algorithms are the same as for whole numbers. The decimal point in the sum or difference goes directly below the decimal point in the numbers that were added or subtracted.

For decimal multiplication and division, one method is to ignore the decimal points and apply the whole-number algorithms. Then use estimation or some other method to place the decimal point in the answer.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Review and practice the algorithms for all four decimal operations.
  • Solve real-world problems involving decimal operations.