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Instructor Overview

Students watch a video showing the highest and lowest locations on each of the continents. Then they create a diagram (a number line) for a book titled The World’s Highest and Lowest Locations. Students show four of the highest elevations and four of the lowest elevations in the world on their diagrams.

Key Concepts

  • A complete number line has both positive numbers (to the right of 0) and negative numbers (to the left of 0).
  • Negative numbers are written with a minus sign—for example, –12, which is pronounced “negative 12.”
  • Positive numbers can be written with a plus sign for emphasis, such as +12, but a number without a sign, such as 12, is always interpreted as positive.
  • Every number except 0 is either positive or negative. The number 0 is neither positive nor negative.

Goals and Learning Objectives

Create a number line to show elevations that are both above and below sea level.