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Instructor Overview

In this lesson, students draw a line plot of a set of data and then find the mean of the data. This lesson also informally introduces the concepts of the median, or middle value, and the mode, or most common value. These terms will be formally defined in Lesson 6.

Using a sample set of data, students review construction of a line plot. The mean as fair share is introduced as well as the algorithm for mean. Using the sample set of data, students determine the mean and informally describe the set of data, looking at measures of center and the shape of the data. Students also determine the middle 50% of the data.

Key Concepts

  • The mean is a measure of center and is one of the ways to determine what is typical for a set of data.
  • The mean is often called the average. It is found by adding all values together and then dividing by the number of values.
  • A line plot is a visual representation of the data. It can be used to find the mean by adjusting the data points to one value, such that the sum of the data does not change.

Goals and Learning Objectives

  • Review construction of a line plot.
  • Introduce the concept of the mean as a measure of center.
  • Use the fair-share method and standard algorithm to find the mean.